Healing Arts Program

Children’s Healing Arts program has combined architecture, landscaping, science, and art to transform the health care experience for patients and families. We believe that the creative arts can assist in the healing process and enhance the overall healthcare experience for our patients and families.  Our healing arts program creates a welcoming and comforting environment and provides positive distractions, relieves stress, and encourages our patients and families to be expressive of their talents, thoughts and feelings. In addition, Children’s has created green spaces on both campuses to enhance the neighborhoods that Children’s is a part of and create healing spaces that are assets to the community. Children’s is proud to feature artwork from local artists that represent the communities in which we live and the people who inhabit them.

Visual artwork and community arts partnerships have been forged to help realize our vision. Minnesota is home to many renowned theaters and music and art centers. Through our arts partnership program, Children’s Minnesota is able to bring the best of our vibrant arts community to our patients and families during their hospital visit. Children’s Minnesota has established art partnerships with MacPhail Center for Music, COMPAS, Children’s Theater Company, Minnesota History Center and Hennepin Theater Trust.

Performances in music, theater and dance take place in Star Studio, Children’s very own in-house TV studio. Whether in the studio audience or watching from their room, all of our patients and families are able to enjoy the best of our local talent as well as performers from international touring shows.

Children’s Minnesota is committed to offering an arts program that is beneficial for the health and healing of the patients and families we serve. Evidence gathered during the last decade demonstrates that art programs can make a positive contribution to health outcomes, patient safety, and the overall quality of the healthcare experience for patients, families, and staff. Children’s is applying the latest information from research in pediatric settings that impact clinical, developmental, psychosocial and safety outcomes. In 2012, Children’s Minnesota, won the top award for "Use of Art in the Patient Environment" from the International Academy of Design & Health.


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If you have any questions or would like further information about Children's Healing Arts program, please contact us at artwork@childrensmn.org